Friday, July 27, 2012

Sharing a Bathroom - Day 1

So call me spoiled, in the 5 years of marriage, Joe & I have never shared a bathroom. With his early morning hours and lovely bathroom habits, we have always had 2 bathroom duplexes and apartments. But one of Joe's friends is staying with us for just 3 weeks while he is transitioning out of the Army while his family is moving to Oklahoma. So to be nice, and since they have the same early morning hours, Joe moved into my bathroom so the friend can use the one in the hallway.

And the morning of Day 1, I fell in the toilet. Joe obviously wasn't taught to put down the seat. It was dark & I didn't have my glasses on or contacts in. So I was obviously annoyed. I talked myself out of texting him at 0545 to yell at him. I decided that was a bitch move & I would just talk to him later. So when we were headed to bed yesterday, I told Joe I fell in the toilet. He started laughing so hard!! After smacking him a few times, we talked logistics. And he agreed to try to remember to put the seat down.

Well, in my house growing up, the seat was down. My mother was adamant about it. We only had one bathroom until I was about 16 years old. I didnt think of it much then, I didnt have to. My father never left the seat up, and if my brother did, he got yelled at. Joe grew up with his mother and one sister. He should know better.

Do you have any bathroom rules in your house?


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