Saturday, December 7, 2013

Inside dog

My mom got Arlo almost 6 years ago as a companion for her GSD who was almost a year old at the time. After loving them for many years, she got sheep on the farm and needed guard dogs, not pets. So she gave Arlo and Max (the GSD) to good homes (me and my brother). While Arlo was supposed to be Joe's dog, he brings me great comfort and I'm fond of the moat of Airedale in my backyard.

But it's so very cold outside and I haven't had an outside dog since I was very young. I felt so bad that Arlo was in the cold snowy elements and Rigel was curled up on a pillow on the couch. He was just fine when he was dry, but when the heavy snows came, Arlo became wet and cold.
So I made Arlo a great little bed in my garage and tested it yesterday. Fun fact, Arlo has never been in a house. Inviting him into my kitchen was a challenge. He didn't want to cross the threshold at first, but a treat helped motivate his paws. Let me tell you, Arlo is a big dog, but looks HUGE when standing in my kitchen. I lead him to my garage and put up a baby gate so I didn't have to shut the door. And with very minimal effort, Arlo laid down and made himself at home. He stayed there for a few hours until he was dry. Then we escorted him back outside. And the barking and whining and crying started. I left him there for a little bit so he could do his dog business and then let him back inside. He obviously loves the garage because he went right to the door and wanted in. He stayed there all night. So this morning, when the sun came out, we left Arlo back outside. He ran and jumped and did the dog thing, but when the temperature started to drop again, I let him back inside. He has an old comforter, some old pillows, and some old Army uniforms that, lets face it, will never see the light of day ever again, making him a very nice warm bed. I'm writing this because I let Arlo back outside about 30 minutes ago to do his business before we settled in for the night. And he's been whining ever since. I'm going to have to wrap this up so I can go let him back in the garage for the night. 

My dad says that Airedales aren't wimps; they are coyote killers and Arlo can brave the AR winter. Well, let me tell you, I have a 100lb Airedale that really wants to be an inside dog. 

Okay, I'm going to go let him back in now. Silly pup. Creating such a fuss at my back door.

Yep, he knows that the garage is his. He ran right to the door.
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