Monday, May 30, 2011

Play a game with Megan Dub-Yuh! #2

Another game from Megan Dub-Yuh!!
What is one wedding gift you LOVED and display proudly and one NOT SO MUCH (maybe you regifted or have it hidden in the hall closet)?

LOVED: We have quite a few wedding presents still out in the house, frames, lamps, a cookie jar, etc. But I think my favorite decorative item would be the Willow Tree figurine my mom got us. It was the "cake topper" but wasn't on the cake. We had a nontraditional deconstructed cake. My other favorite thing would be the Keurig my grandma got me. NOT SO MUCH: Someone in Joe's family made us what looks to be a handmade quilt. It's the oddest quilt I've ever seen. And it smelled like a burnt cigarette when we opened it up. I started coughing and sneezing instantly (thankfully, they weren't there to witness that). After we paid to get it dry cleaned, I put it in our "extra bedding box" and forgot about it.

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Play a game with Megan Dub-Yuh!

Head over to Megan Dub-Yuh to play her game!! This week is..... dumb roll please...

Show me a picture of what you looked like about 10 years ago!

This is a Glamour Shot pic from my Senior year of high school. I was 17 years old. I was so embarrassed to take this pic, but my mom was there to encourage me to go outside my comfort zone.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Free time???

I asked my professor last night how long a thesis would take. Well, I'll need about a year. So if I want to graduate in April 2012, I need to get on this! I have a plan now. I know what I need to do to get started. And I have a pretty good idea for a thesis topic.






Oh boy!! Did you know that there is an 80% chance that you will get a divorce while in grad school? Compound that with Joe's Army stats. Oh boy!! I told Joe that last night. He just laughs. He says I'm stuck with him. And I'm in school so that he can get out of the Army. He says I have all his support so no worries.

My prof asked me if I had kids. When I said no, he laughed and said I was fortunate. My mom was in grad school when I was little. I don't remember her not being there. Plus my dad is awesome. But I guess it's good I don't have a baby to juggle on top of everything else.

And consider yourself forewarned, I'll be needing LOTS of participants for my study!! :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Getting to know you...

My bloggy friend Megan over at Megan Dub-Yuh wants to know more about her followers. You should answer her questions too!! I would love to learn more about YOU too!!

Here are the questions:
1. How would you have described yourself in High School?

2. When you don't feel good what do you always want to help make yourself feel better?

3. When you go to bath shops what type of flavors do you gravitate towards? Flowery, foods...

4. When at a bar what is your drink?

5. If you go to your closet right now what do you think is the predominant color in it?

My answers:

1. I was a super nerd until my senior year. I graduated a year early and I was fortunate enough to fall in with a GREAT senior crowd. Here's a great example: Joe and I attended the same school since my 3rd grade. He didnt know I existed until that last year. Oh, and our graduating class had about 80 people in it. In a very small school, I was a nobody. I had friends, but we werent popular or class clowns. I was the nerdy smart kid, straight As, band geek. :)

2. When I dont feel good I want to crawl in bed with a good book.

3. I like lots of different scents. My Scentsy collection is reflective of that. Most of my bath sprays are flowery though, japanese rose blossom, lilac, midnight blossom, stuff like that.

4. I either order a Midori Sour or a Sex on the Beach... depending on who I'm with ;)

5. Black, by far!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Almost ready

Joe made a comment that really made me laugh today.

Rigel and I were "fighting" with his toys. He ran over to get a drink of water then jumped on the back of the couch. Once in a while he will burp and spit up a little if he doesnt let the water settle in his tiny belly. As the tiny amount of clear dog spit slowly rolled down the back of our leather couch, I stopped it with my hand and told Joe to grab a towel. Joe's first reaction was to jump out of the way or stop it with a fairly nice blanket on the couch. While Joe was watching me wash my hands, he said that maybe I'm ready to be a mom since my first reaction wasn't to jump out of the way of the nastiness. I just had to laugh. Babies are FAR grosser than a little dog spit! :)

Friday, May 6, 2011

The end of an Era

I've been getting this feeling lately like something is ending. It's hard to describe. I get this "hurry up" anxiousness about everything- classes, work, time off. That everything is about to end or change.

And I would LOVE that!

But Joe still has two years in the Army. I still have a year left of school. Nothing is ending, nothing I can pinpoint anyway. Some of the "hurry up" feeling is left over from the deployment. I felt the same way about that, the days need to FLY by so I can see Joe again. It's the same feeling but on a much larger scale. The days need to FLY by so we can start our new life together, sans the military.

I tell myself to relax and slow down. Enjoy life. Enjoy this unique time in our lives. But that idea just depresses me. I can't stand feeling stagnant. I need to feel like we're going places, going towards the bigger goal... whatever that may be.

Maybe everything is sort of ending. Joe's Army career. My school. My twenties. Our single life. We plan to move home and start a family in a few years. I'm 27. Maybe this is the end of an Era.

On to bigger and better things! But here's to slowing down, taking a breath, enjoying the scenery. Life is short, I cant be rushing through it.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Where everyone knows your name

Rigel in my parents' house in AR. That is his very own wine box stair so he can look out the window.

I am so excited to say that we're going home to visit soon! Joe, Rigel, and I haven't been to Arkansas since November 2009. I have a cousin that's over a year old who I've never met. I never even saw my aunt's pregnant belly. I have to finish up this term and the moment Joe goes on block leave, we're hoping in the car and heading to Arkansas. I'm taking a week off of work. It's going to be a real vacation. With a little house hunting and a dentist appointment (I LOVE my dentist, I wont go to anyone else). Throw in 12 hours in a car with Rigel and Joe and this should be a blast!! :) But Rigel is very excited to see his Grandma Jo!!
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