Friday, September 30, 2011

Traitor Puppy

So Rigel is still in bed with Joe this morning. Joe rolled into town from MO at about 11pm last night. It was interesting to see what Rigel would do. We call him the Alert Puppy because he's hyper sensitive to any noise, as I suspect most yorkies are. Rigel and I had gone to bed at 9pm to get some sleep before Joe woke me up in the middle of the night. Rigel was up barking before Joe was even in the house. This is pretty good to know. We've never had any intruder situation, but it's good to know he would wake me up in time to shoot them (ha!).

It's awesome to see how much Rigel missed and loves Joe. He slept next to him last night. And wanted to lay right on him. But with the exception of his potty break this morning, Rigel has been on that bed with Joe. Also, Rigel is the laziest boy ever and loves to lay in bed.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Puppy Trot

Why do dogs wall with their hind ends slightly to the side?

Rigel doesn't do it all the time, bit sometimes his rear is just slightly to the right. We had a husky when we were younger. This dog ran basically sideways.

Any scientific reason I don't know about? I just figure his back paws were too excited to get somewhere.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Yogurt Maker??

I'll spare you the whole long story about talking to my mom. But basically it all came down to the junk our government is putting into our food. There was a girl in Japan who started her perod at THREE YEARS OLD because of the hormones in their food. My mother has a farm with chickens and will be getting goats soon. And I'm looking at starting a family soon. And researching what's best for baby. I fully intend on making my own baby food. My aunt made her own, it's not hard at all. And now there are machines out there that will be a big help.

But with the arrival of my mother's goats, I will have the ability to make my own yogurt and cheese for my children. My mom bought this for me today so I could get to practicing. I love yogurt and will enjoy making my own. There are different recipes and different ways to make yogurt, but it's basically chemistry when you get right down to is. I am so excited to get this in the mail!! Just wanted to share!
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