Friday, July 20, 2012

I was born in 1984. I have lived through some great tragedies as a conscious adult.
I was a senior in high school during the Columbine High School massacre.
I was a freshman in college during 9/11.
I was 22 during the 2007 Virginia Tech massacre.

But this one feels different. I'm 28 now. And there are no delusions about the world. My daddy won't save me from bullets & batshit crazies. I've been through a psychology grad program. I know just how crazy people are. I know what they are capable of.

I can't watch tv without tearing up. Someone on Twitter posted the last texts someone sent her mother before she was shot in a movie theater. She told her mom to go to bed & she was excited for her visit. I just broke down. How am I supposed to bring another life into this world knowing how fucked up people are? How am I supposed to even think about starting a family?

Today has not been a good day. Please keep Aurora, Colorado in your thoughts. There are some people going through the unimaginable right now.


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