Thursday, April 28, 2011

I guess I'm just a planner...

A local tv station out here in Colorado just did a story that got my attention and irked me quite a bit.

They had a group on that was having the "largest baby shower" to benefit the community that couldn't afford baby necessities. The woman on tv actually said that "babies come on their own time" and some families can't afford all the things babies need.

Wait... WHAT??? REALLY??? WTF???

There is a reason I don't have a kid right now. I can't afford it!! I'm in school. Joe is about to quit his job, literally. If I was an irresponsible twit, I'm sure I would have a kid by now. But babies will come on MY time, not their own. I'm on birth control. When I was sick and on antibiotics, Joe and I took other precautions because antibiotics sometimes mess with the pill. A baby SHOULD NOT be a surprise.

Condoms are cheap. Many health centers, including Planned Parenthood, will give you birth control for very cheap or even free - I know the one in my home town does. But beside all of that, if you can't afford birth control, how are you going to afford a baby??

There is no reason the government or any other organization should be supporting you because you got knocked up and can't afford diapers. Don't get knocked up!!

I was in line at the grocery store the day before Easter. The woman in front of me had a toddler in her arms, two young kids standing next to her, and a newborn in the shopping cart. And she was paying with food stamps. And the thought crossed my mind - if you can't afford the kids you have, why are you squeezing out more?? Why are our tax dollars paying for your food? Stop having babies!! I know the government has these handouts for help and support. But this woman will never get on her feet if the mouths to feed keep multiplying. I'm not saying you can't have as many babies as you want, go for it. But don't expect the handouts.

Joe and I went to school with a girl that had 2 kids before she graduated high school. She used to brag that she got money from the government because she had kids and wasn't married. And she's still barefoot and pregnant on her front porch in the middle of Arkansas getting a monthly handout from the government. Maybe that was her dream. I can't even comprehend the idea of doing nothing and thinking taxpayers should support you and your hungry babies. But like I said, I'm not an irresponsible twit.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Nook Discoveries!!

Because of my awesome Nook, I have discovered the author Amanda Hocking. She writes paranormal romances. If you liked the Twilight books, you will like these too. I read her first series, the Trylle Trilogy, and fell in love with her writing style. I'm currently reading the 4th book in her My Blood Approves series. This series is about vampires.

If you have a Nook, these books are all under $3 from Barnes & Noble. And some are lendable so let me know if you'd like to borrow them. :)

Water for Elephants -- spoiler free

I went to see Water for Elephants last night with a friend. I was actually surprised that I enjoyed the movie ... and Robert Pattinson's performance.

The movie made me cry and laugh and then root for an elephant. It was really cute. I highly recommend it. The summary on IMDB says "A veterinary student abandons his studies after his parents are killed and joins a traveling circus as their vet." But it's SO much more than that!! But I'm not going to spoil it for anyone.

I was genuinely shocked that I enjoyed Robert Pattinson's performance. The first thing I ever saw him in was of course Twilight. After reading all the books, all of the characters were VERY disappointing to me, with the exception of maybe Jacob. Joe and I both though Bella and Edward fell way short of the books. And WTF is up with Kristen Steward?? She cant act.. AT ALL. And completely butchered the part of Bella. And I was never that girl that swooned over Edward. I'm a Team Jacob girl. But I also thought Pattinson didnt do the part justice. So when I walked into the movie theater last night, I wasn't expecting much.

But I must say, I walked out of the theater a big fan of Pattinson. This movie completely changed my mind about his acting skills. Joe says that Edward, the character, must just suck and Pattinson did his best. I completely agree. I was smiling with Pattinson's character and noticed that I believed his acting. I believed he was happy or sad or enraged. His smiles look genuine, not mass produced. I really liked him in Water for Elephants. Anyway, go see the movie!!

Awesome clock!

Just wanted to share my lately discovery.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Credit Cards

Well folks, I finally gave in. Joe got a credit card this week. We're 27 years old. And we need to build our credit up. And Joe thinks this was the best idea ever. Since I was able to walk, my mother has told me how awful credit cards can be. People get in over their heads. Interest is outrageous. Why on Earth would a person need a line of credit? If you want something, save up for it and then buy it. And for my 27 years on this Earth, this is what I have done. And it's worked out pretty well for me. Until we wanted to by a new car. I had a job. Joe was a SGT in the U.S. Army. And we couldn't get a loan on a 2006 Honda Accord for less that 18% interest. My parents offered to co-sign with us and all was okay. Except that my *always independent* husband felt bad having to depend on someone else to co-sign.

So now looking at our future, getting ready to ETS and move home and buy a house, he's obsessed with our credit scores. And he applied for a credit card.

I told him it was his job to keep up with it. We would NEVER not pay the monthly amount so there's no interest to pay ever. And we would only use it for gas and groceries.

So we went to the grocery store the other day and when Joe got ready to pay.... he pulled out the debit card. Debt isn't something either of us want. We just paid off the car! And I have no idea why Joe thinks this is the best way to build credit. We decided the credit card would be only for gas. So I used it this morning. I was the first to do so. And Joe said he would go online and pay it off as soon as it hit the account.

I was talking to a co-worker today and she told me that they had a credit card for emergencies. Another told me that she and her husband put everything on it and then just pay on the bill at the end of the month. Another friend told me she only puts school related items on it, like tuition and books. I must say, given the recent government shutdown scare, it's nice to think we have a small back up plan now. Nothing beats our savings, but we really don't want to have to tap into that if all hell breaks loose.

Do you have a method to your credit card? What have you found works best for you and your family?

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dinner with babies

I had a great time with two of my girlfriends last night. We went out to dinner, much needed girl time for all of us. The other two ladies have kids, one has a 5 year old and a 2 year old. The other one has one 2 year old. I was sitting at dinner observing their parenting styles. When their babies would scream or get upset, they reacted completely differently. But they both looked at me and smiled, "Just wait until you have a 2 year old." I'm sure parenting isn't easy. I've been around kids all my life. I'm the oldest of 10 grand kids, I've babysat since I was 14. I lived with my Aunt and Uncle and her two young kids while I was in school. But no, I've never been a parent. But I have some great parenting role models, my mom and dad and all my aunts and uncles. My father would NEVER allow me to throw my mac & cheese or run around a restaurant. Both my brother and I were very well behaved kids. And get this... we weren't spanked as kids. I was spanked once when I was about 7. I was oldest enough to know better and I probably deserved it (even though I still tell my mom I didn't). But they never spanked us when we were small. And it feels like this is the go to method for many of my friends AND my husband. He was spanked as a kid. And he thinks this is the only way to discipline children. I might not be a mom yet, but I have read a lot about child development and the way the human brain develops in a child.

But Joe says to me, "What do you do when your 4 year old son sticks aluminum foil in the light socked?" What the hell is your 4 year old doing with aluminum foil? Every kid gets into stuff and there will be plenty of accidents, especially having Joe's demon spawn. But my mother has always told me, you just have to be smarter than your 5 year old. We were smart kids, Joe was a smart kid. When we did something stupid, my father would laugh at us. Or mom would say she was disappointed in us. Having my parents' approval means the world to me, it always has. Disappointing them, even a kid, wasn't an option. I just have to figure out how to parent like my parents did.

So if your 2 year old decided to throw their mac & cheese while in public, or your 5 year old ran to the bench and laid down and stated kicking the chair behind him, which someone else is sitting in, what would you do?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sexual Orientation

I went home last night with a big smile on my face. My neuropsych class went over a chapter about reproduction and sexual orientation last night.

I'm going to paraphrase something my professor told me. Keep in mind she studies the human brain for a living; neuropsychology, and the physiological bases of our behavior. While you and I are not experts in this field... She IS an expert.

She said that from a purely scientific stand point, no one can argue that sexual orientation isn't related to your brain chemistry. Enough research has been done that no one disputes this fact in the scientific community. Now.. she also said that you can put whatever "religious spin" on it you want, but that doesn't outweigh the scientific results. She said point blank, science has proven that sexual orientation isn't a choice, it's just how your brain has developed.

Isn't that refreshing to hear someone finally say that??

Now we all know "religious people" don't listen to science anyway, so I doubt there will be much impact. But it makes me smile that there is a group out there that fully understands that someone doesn't make this choice, that it is truly who they are, how their brain functions, who their brain tells them they are. They aren't wrong or sinful. They just are. They are homosexual like you are heterosexual. Isn't that wonderful news!?!?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I WANT it Wednesday

Joe has decided that he REALLY needs this leash. Although, we think it was an April Fool's joke. Bummer.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

100 Facts about ME (part IIII)

This will be the last installment. Hope you all have enjoyed the facts! I know I had fun reading many others and even laughed at some of my own. It proved much harder than I originally thought.

76. I wanted to be an astronomer when I was little. I still have star maps and huge binoculars and posters of the moon.

77. After 3 years of school, I decided I didnt want to be a biochem major after an 8 hour lab in the bottom of the chem building. When I went to lab it was nice and sunny. When I left 8 hours later it was snowing... in Arkansas. I decided at that moment I didnt want to spend the rest of my working career in the basement of a building missing out on life around me. It was the best career move of my life.

78. I love brussel sprouts.

79. I am addicted to lotions.

80. Joe and I have decided to have a baby in 5 years. I'll be 32, but I think we'll be in a very good place to bring another life into the world.

81. I love cards. I love making them. I like buying them. I like recieving them. I have boxes of cards in my house waiting for birthdays and special days.

82. When I was a kid, me, my brother, dad, uncle (dad's bro) and his kids used to go for 2 week long camping trips. I wish I was as carefree as I was then.

83. I hope I can be as good as my mother was. I have fears that I wont be.

84. The last spelling test I ever took I got one word wrong. It was- husband. I'm a horrible speller.

85. I have one niece.

86. I hope to attend a Sarah McLachlan concert one of these days.

87. I HATE crowds. I hate standing where others can touch me. I have a very large personal bubble.

88. I am NOT a hugger. I dont like people I barely know to touch me. I'm not one of those people that hug other people either. There have been 3 times in my adult life where I have gotten up to hug and comfort another person (that wasnt a family member) and I remember then very clearly.

89. I no longer stand at the Pledge of Allegence. When the words ring true again for this nation, I might reconsider. Indivisable? Liberty and justice for all? Like hell. And while we're at it, lets take it back to it's ORIGINAL wording!

90. I met David Hyde Pierce and John Mahoney and the dog that plays Eddie on the set of Frasier. We watched a taping when I was out in California on spring break when I was 19 years old.

91. I went to Las Vegas when I was 19. We stayed in the Stratosphere. The ONLY place that carded me was Hard Rock Cafe.

92. I am a hard core pro-choice advocate. My body, my choice. Your body, your choice. It really is that simple.

93. I grew up in the South, but some people think I have an accent while others dont. I do say some words just like my mother, like pie and why. My accent gets very strong if I'm home or even on the phone with my mother.

94. One day I really hope Rigel is a certified therapy dog. He loves people and is a great cuddler. He would love to sit in someone's lap while they talked to us. Or walk through halls greeting everyone with that cute little wagging stumpy tail. We would visit nursing homes and veteran's clinics. We started to work towards it in Arkansas, but then I married Joe and had to move.

95. I have a serious pet peeve about people that dont use their binkers. 96. I'd much rather be camping than at the beach.

97. I love rainy days. I miss Arkansas storms.

98. I lived in Kansas for 2 years and never saw a tornado, but had two pretty serious close calls.

99. Joe says I can make friends in a check out line at Wal-Mart.

100. I one big wish is that I can get a great job when I gratuate with my Masters and Joe can go back to school when he ETSs and doesnt have to worry about going to school AND working. We can move home, buy my aunt's house and start a family.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Rain Rain, go away!!

I joke that it never rains in Colorado Spings. It rained today. LMAO!!

This is the pic Joe took of the windows before we covered them up with plastic garbage bags. ALL three windows are completely smashed, the back two, as you can see, are gone. The Safelite repair guy will be out in the morning. I cant drive my car at all. As soon as I open the driver's side door the whole window will come crashing down.

Lovely Colorado. This is the 2nd time I've had to replace a window in 3 months. But at least the insurance will cover some of it this time. I love my GEICO insurance!

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Friday, April 1, 2011

Bad Business?

I go to a local salon here. I have a fabulous hair stylist and an awesome woman that does all my waxing. On Tuesday the waxing woman quit. So instead of calling me to tell me she is gone, the salon called me and pushed back my appointment until they could find someone else to fill her spot. No reason was given, they didn't even tell me the woman had quit, just that they needed to push it back a week, no big deal. So last night I learned that this friend had quit. And I think it's fairly annoying that I wasn't alerted about the change. My appointment was for a brazilian. So I'm supposed to walk into the salon and *surprise* someone I've never met is going to wax me "down there"?? I don't think so!

So what are your thoughts? I know the salon doesn't want to lose my waxing business, but should they have told me about the change of personnel? I think their omission of the change is enough for me to follow my friend to her new salon.
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