Wednesday, December 5, 2012


I never really considered what this move and separation looked like from the outside. In the last week, after announcing I got a job and a new apartment, I've had SIX people ask me if Joe & I are separated or getting a divorce. Of course we all know the answer is no. But I guess to the outside public, it's not so obvious. I talk about my move more on Twitter and less on Facebook. Maybe that is the confusion. Most of my Twitter friends know that Joe will be joining me in just a few DAYS (like 19ish!) but perhaps that's not so apparent on Facebook. Someone commented that they were noticing that Joe was still posting stuff from Colorado Springs when I had been home for months now. Well, besides being a little stalkerish, LOL, I guess that is a true statement.

But rest assure everyone, Joe & I are fine. We are starting a new chapter of our life and so excited to be moving on from the Army to bigger and better things. Joe got his ETS orders yesterday. And his leave packet has been submitted. Fingers are crossed that he will be home for Christmas. Now we're just worried about household goods and scheduling a time for them to come pick up the stuff in Colorado Springs. I know December is a busy time for them, so we're just hoping they have some time to pack us up.
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