Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Fit Snack Box Review

Hi everyone! 

How about a review!! 

https://www.fitsnack.com/Fit Snack contacted me about reviewing a box for them. I got it about a while ago, but in good corporate fashion, I've been swamped. And then my computer broke.

But anyway, the snacks have been a lot fun to make my way through. 

Back in July, I took a blood test that identified some food sensitivities. I started avoiding things like wheat, corn, oats, dairy, sugar, and a handful of other things. When I first started this "diet," I was just shocked at how many things had "hidden" ingredients in them. Like who would have thought that tomato sauce would have sugar in it?!?! So I started becoming hyper aware of what I was putting in my body. Even canned soup contained sugar and corn. Everything contains high fructose corn syrup. Even some of the "healthy" cereals I was eating contained sugar. It was just disgusting and eye opening.

One of the hardest things is to find healthy on the go snacks. I eat fruits and veggies when I can, but it's hard to take celery sticks every where. A bag of nuts is easier to tote, admit it. 

So when Fit Snack contacted me, I was really excited! I wanted to see what they could offer.

I have become allergic to almonds in the last few years so I gave the almonds to my boss. He and his friends tried them on a road trip and said they were great.

All of the goodies I got!

Thankfully, I could eat some of the snacks they provided. The pancake mix was AMAZING!! And the Simply 7 lentil chips were great! I had them with homemade salsa and actually found the same brand at a health food store and grabbed a big bag. The Fit Snack veggie chips were very good too.

Unfortunately, a lot of the snacks still had sugar in them. This, of course, is no fault of Fit Snack, they did not realize I did not eat sugar. But it's an interesting observation. I was thrilled at the quinoa chips since I have started adding quinoa to my weekly menu, and since there were the same brand as the lentil chips, I figured they would also be sugar free, but unfortunately not. They have corn starch, corn four, AND sugar in them. Needless to say, I was bummed. I have found that items with "alternative" flours still contain corn or wheat. I'm not sure why this is the case, but I wish they would stop it. 

Lenny and Larry's "The Complete Cookie" was good, but contained wheat and sugar. But I have some friends who cannot have eggs or dairy and I have told them about this product. They were thrilled to know about it! A friend has a young son who is allergic to just about everything but could have this cookie. I should have saved it for him, but it was a good looking cookie. :-)

The "Complete Energy Bites" kinda threw me for a loop as I read the back of the box. They contain 135 mg of caffeine! How cool is that!? However, the very first ingredient is.... sugar. 

My favorite item!
Overall, these were great ready to go snacks, and I would recommend this subscription box if you're into finding new snacks to try out. The pancake mix and the nut butter were my favorite items.
And here's why!
As shown below, there are a few different options as far as the subscription goes, from $23.90 for one month to $19.90 for the 12 month subscription.

Take a peak at their site: https://www.fitsnack.com
@fitsnack | www.facebook.com/fitsnackbox 

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments below.
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