Saturday, January 4, 2014

Survived the Holidays

Instead of the whole sorted tale,
I will just leave you with some pictures.

The first snow in our new house. This is probably be my Christmas card next year.
I put up a tree, despite the bah-humbug spirit I was in. Snow Days will get even the grouchiest people in the Holiday spirit.
While Rigel hates the snow, god forbid he get his tiny feet wet; Arlo LOVES the snow! He was running and prancing in it as it came down and just loved the whole day. Thankfully, we have an inside heated area that he can stay when it gets super cold at night. He is very demanding when he wants to come indoors. He lets me know he's ready to come in and get ready for bed. I made him a bed of an old comforter and some of Joe's old uniforms. LOL, I have to put them to use somewhere.

Blog Review of

 I don't think it's any secret that I have been a bad blogger. Life is pretty hectic. But right before Christmas I was contacted by Allied Shirts and asked to do a blog review. I was so excited! Their other brands include BuildASign and I know how many Army wives use and love their products. So I hopped on their website and designed a T-shirt. It was really easy and super quick. I got a short sleeve budget Gildan tee. It's cut really well and super comfy, but as you imagine, I don't have anyone here who can take my pic and Rigel just isn't good with the touch screen on my phone so all of the selfies I took looked kinda deranged and you couldn't see the text I chose. And I LOVE the text!! This has been a theme in my life as of late and I knew I wanted it on my shirt. "The greatest thing you will ever learn is just to love and be loved in return." It's from Moulin Rouge. The text is in the smallest type that Allied Shirts had on the custom create screen. I absolutely love my new shirt and I'm stoked that it's basically a one of a kind! That's definitely the appeal of personalization and custom orders in my opinion.
Links to their other brands: - trusted brand by many Army wives for homecoming signs, quality items at very reasonable prices.
Printcopia - has custom prints and canvases - you should definitely check them out!!
 So I can't end this post without telling you a funny story. Strangely enough, I was shipped the wrong shirt initially. I called their customer service and got ahold of a really nice guy who happened to be from Bentonville and used to work at the Walmart Home Offices as well. It's a small world, isn't it? We had a great chat about NWA and what he used to do at Walmart. He was just a really cool guy. Anyway, the other shirt said something about Sister Mary Eunice and Briar Cliff Manor and "AHS: Asylum". As I explained the t-shirt to the nice man on the phone, we were both obviously confused about the meaning behind it, but hey, it's a custom shirt store, people can put whatever they wish on a t-shirt, that's the awesomeness, right? So I had gotten my correct shirt just before my family came up to visit on Christmas Eve and I had them both laying on the back of a chair when I started to tell my family the funny story. As I held up the shirt, my 22 year old cousin started laughing. He knew immediately what the reference was and got a big kick out of it. Apparently Sister Mary Eunice McKee was a regular character on American Horror Story, a TV show, one I obviously don't watch. He thought is was a GREAT idea for a t-shirt and wanted one of his own!
But I think the lesson here is that Allied Shirts is a GREAT company with nice friendly awesome employees with WONDERFUL customer service skills. Both shirts arrived really quick, faster than one would think a custom shirt could be made a shipped, but they warned me that they were quick, and anyone who has ordered from knows that to be true. I will not keep my shipping mixup from ordering from Allied Shirts in the future so I hope you don't either. I really enjoyed talking to customer service anyway, so maybe that was meant to happen.
This is the saying that started it all!
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