Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Head Games

My mind is playing tricks on me. I will be moving home soon, back to AR. Yes, home. Colorado has never felt like "home." I feel like I am in perpetual transition here. Junction City even felt more like home than Colorado Springs. But anyway, I'm still going to miss Colorado. This is by far the farthest West I have ever lived, as an adult. And it's so beautiful! I will miss my mountains so much. And my friends. And the stuff that is only found out West. But in the midst of going through the list of "sad to miss" stuff in my head, suddenly, a few "but remember how greats" jumped in there!

Remember how great it is to be near family!
Remember how great it is to live in a college town, not near an Army post.
Remember how great it is NOT to be an Army wife.
Remember how great it is to now all of the "hole in the wall" restaurants and hot spots.
Remember how great it is to be a local, not an outsider.
Remember how great it is to put down roots.

LOL, my silly head wont even let me have a few minutes of pity party for myself before I start looking on the bright side. Damn brain. For everything I will miss about Colorado, there are so many more things I am looking forward to back in Arkansas.


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