Friday, April 1, 2011

Bad Business?

I go to a local salon here. I have a fabulous hair stylist and an awesome woman that does all my waxing. On Tuesday the waxing woman quit. So instead of calling me to tell me she is gone, the salon called me and pushed back my appointment until they could find someone else to fill her spot. No reason was given, they didn't even tell me the woman had quit, just that they needed to push it back a week, no big deal. So last night I learned that this friend had quit. And I think it's fairly annoying that I wasn't alerted about the change. My appointment was for a brazilian. So I'm supposed to walk into the salon and *surprise* someone I've never met is going to wax me "down there"?? I don't think so!

So what are your thoughts? I know the salon doesn't want to lose my waxing business, but should they have told me about the change of personnel? I think their omission of the change is enough for me to follow my friend to her new salon.


It's a Dog Tag Wife Life said...

I've actually had this happen, I'd follow your friend. I'm used to my waxer (also a brazilian). I'm comfortable with her, she knows my quirks, and I've been with her for a couple years. Besides, I don't really need any more people seeing me "down there".

Bethany said...

That's so annoying!! I would definitely follow your friend to the new salon. I experienced something similar at my nail salon. I booked an appointment with my normal guy, then when I showed up, he was on VACATION. No call or anything. I've been going to him since I moved to Oklahoma, so I was pretty annoyed. I'm going to give him one more chance, but it really irritated me.

Jennifer Bowen said...

The salon should have notified you and given you a choice whether or not you want to reschedule. I would follow the original person to her new salon. Always stick to whoever you're comfortable with.

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