Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sexual Orientation

I went home last night with a big smile on my face. My neuropsych class went over a chapter about reproduction and sexual orientation last night.

I'm going to paraphrase something my professor told me. Keep in mind she studies the human brain for a living; neuropsychology, and the physiological bases of our behavior. While you and I are not experts in this field... She IS an expert.

She said that from a purely scientific stand point, no one can argue that sexual orientation isn't related to your brain chemistry. Enough research has been done that no one disputes this fact in the scientific community. Now.. she also said that you can put whatever "religious spin" on it you want, but that doesn't outweigh the scientific results. She said point blank, science has proven that sexual orientation isn't a choice, it's just how your brain has developed.

Isn't that refreshing to hear someone finally say that??

Now we all know "religious people" don't listen to science anyway, so I doubt there will be much impact. But it makes me smile that there is a group out there that fully understands that someone doesn't make this choice, that it is truly who they are, how their brain functions, who their brain tells them they are. They aren't wrong or sinful. They just are. They are homosexual like you are heterosexual. Isn't that wonderful news!?!?


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