Friday, May 6, 2011

The end of an Era

I've been getting this feeling lately like something is ending. It's hard to describe. I get this "hurry up" anxiousness about everything- classes, work, time off. That everything is about to end or change.

And I would LOVE that!

But Joe still has two years in the Army. I still have a year left of school. Nothing is ending, nothing I can pinpoint anyway. Some of the "hurry up" feeling is left over from the deployment. I felt the same way about that, the days need to FLY by so I can see Joe again. It's the same feeling but on a much larger scale. The days need to FLY by so we can start our new life together, sans the military.

I tell myself to relax and slow down. Enjoy life. Enjoy this unique time in our lives. But that idea just depresses me. I can't stand feeling stagnant. I need to feel like we're going places, going towards the bigger goal... whatever that may be.

Maybe everything is sort of ending. Joe's Army career. My school. My twenties. Our single life. We plan to move home and start a family in a few years. I'm 27. Maybe this is the end of an Era.

On to bigger and better things! But here's to slowing down, taking a breath, enjoying the scenery. Life is short, I cant be rushing through it.


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