Monday, May 9, 2011

Almost ready

Joe made a comment that really made me laugh today.

Rigel and I were "fighting" with his toys. He ran over to get a drink of water then jumped on the back of the couch. Once in a while he will burp and spit up a little if he doesnt let the water settle in his tiny belly. As the tiny amount of clear dog spit slowly rolled down the back of our leather couch, I stopped it with my hand and told Joe to grab a towel. Joe's first reaction was to jump out of the way or stop it with a fairly nice blanket on the couch. While Joe was watching me wash my hands, he said that maybe I'm ready to be a mom since my first reaction wasn't to jump out of the way of the nastiness. I just had to laugh. Babies are FAR grosser than a little dog spit! :)


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