Monday, September 3, 2012

Must App Mondays!!

This week's app is Kik!

All of a sudden three of my friends started telling me about this app. We all had Blackberrys at one point in time and would chat over the Blackberry Messenger (BBM). There are some perks to BBM & also now Kik. They aren't texts, which means they don't count against your text message numbers. While I have unlimited texts, some of my friends do not, so this is awesome for people who have smartphones but are trying to save money on texts.
But Kik is even better than BBM because it is not limited to Blackberrys! This app can be used across cellphone platforms. Lovely. And you also can chat with people without giving out your phone number. So watch this... my username is sara0120. Now people can message me without me posting my personal phone number online. This came in handy during my thesis data collection. When people wanted to contact me personally, I usually referred them to Kik with my username. That way they could talk to me (usually chew me out about my perceived disrespectfulness) but I didn't have to give out my number.
So there you have it. Go get Kik and shoot me a message!


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