Monday, August 13, 2012

Planner Love!!

Have you heard of Erin Condren? A while back I heard about her site and her wonderful planners and stationary. I wasn't in a place where I needed a new planner. But a few months later, only a few weeks ago actually, I was trying to find something similar to the best planner I ever had, which I bought at a Borders, which doesn't exist out here anymore. So I was a bit stumped. But then I overheard a few friends talking about the Erin Condren Life Planners and remembered looking at them a while back. So I bit the bullet and got one. They are so hands on with their personalizing, you can even choose what month you want your calendar to start on!! Since I have a whole new life starting in September, I chose to start my new life planner than month too.

I am a planner person. As much as I try, I will never be able to sync everything into my phone. I know and quite frankly envy people who can keep track of their lives with electronics. But ever since college, I need to be able to see what I need to do. I need to be able to write things down in 2 seconds and mark things off just as quickly. Plus I am very anal about the way my planners / calendars are organized. I thought I would love the planners with the distinct time/hour layout. Boy was I wrong!! I love the Life Planner two page month view. But I am so happy with the weekly view.
Each day is separated into three sections, morning, day, and night. This gives most things a little wiggle room, unlike the hourly approach. This is the first real week of my planner so far. I have family coming to help me move back to Arkansas. And you know that was the very first thing I added to my new life planner. Also, there is some blank pages and lined pages at the end of the planner. At first I didnt really know what I would do with them. Until the move hit me face on. I started a list of everything I needed to bring with me to Arkansas. And then another page to keep track of the jobs I'm applying for with passwords to accounts I need to check the status of jobs on. I know that I will have that planner with me all the time, I might as well use it to the best of it's ability!!

Plus the shipping is just spot on! It came packaged so beautifully! You know someone took time and care in shipping this planner. Like I said before, is still a hands on business. I'll warn you right now that it takes a while to make and ship their products, but the end result is completely worth it. And the website does a very good job at updating you so you know where your planner is when you stalk your account daily to see if it's been printed or invoiced. :-)

And even though they dont have to, the company throws in lots of different labels and gift stickers for FREE!

From what I understand this is the 2nd year the company has been making planners (could be more than that, but I think it's only the 2nd year) and the company listened to their customers and made some alterations to this year's model. First thing I want to mention is the aluminum coil bounding. At first I was slightly annoyed by the way the ends were bent. They kept sticking in a hole on the covers and I couldn't fold the planner back on itself to write in. But once I showed Joe, he grabbed a pair of plyers and fixed it in about 60 seconds. If the coil was plastic as it was last year, I wouldn't have been able to alter it. It's perfect now. If you are having a similar problem, simply bend the ends into the coil more. A very easy fix. I was also worried that the plastic pocket in the back would be too thick. But nope, it's the perfect size. When I write on the planner, I cant even tell it's there. Plus it's handy for all of the extra stickers.

But now the hard part... figuring out what my next purchase will be since the company also sends a $10 off code with the planner. There are so many things I want! But take a look at this iPhone cover and then at the theme of my blog and tell me this isnt perfect!! It's a little pricey, so I need to wait until I have a job or at least until I know how much the APA editor will cost me, but this will  definitely be my newest iPhone cover!

And these acrylic blocks are just too cute! Can you imagine that on my (new) desk (when I get a job). Sara Sutliff, M.A.!!!! Can we say daydreaming?
If you have a few bucks to part with and you need a new awesome planner or cool stationary of any kind, I greatly recommend that you look at If you need any more recommendations, just look on Twitter or watch some of the videos on YouTube. When was the last time someone liked a planner enough to blog / vlog about it?? 


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