Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Class Ring!

I finally ordered my class ring for my masters! I am beyond excited about this! I got a traditional ring as my high school class ring. When I saw this one, it just seemed so adult and modern. The stone will be red, a garnet, the school color and my birthstone.

The school offers the ugliest gold signet ring with their seal on it. As much as I wanted a ring with their seal, as it's really very nice, I hated that $400 ugly gold thing. And yeah, $400!! Not happening. This one is less than half of that! It will of course say 2012 and Sara on the side with my full name on the inside. It takes a while to make it, so I wont have it until the end of May or beginning of June. But I can wait. And the seal I love? I'm getting that on my graduation annoucements. Also a made by Sara creation, with the help of Shutterfly. The school's graduation announcements are outragiously expensive and of course can't be ordered until July. So I found a picture online and Shutterfly and I made a wonderful card. I ordered a proof so I can make sure it's perfect and will order more when it arrives.

I didn't go to my undergrad commencement, I was too busy moving to Kansas with my new husband. :) And sadly, I wont be able to go to this commencement either. Once I graduate in July, I will be moving straight home to find a job. But a job and a future mean more to me than walking in some ceremony. I cannot wait to gradaute and start our new chapter. This degree means that Joe can ETS. And that is the most important thing right now.


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