Thursday, June 16, 2011

Flirty Girls

Flirty girls -- my newest pet peeve.

I am 27 years old. Married. And very friendly. Joe says I can make friends in a Wal-Mart pharmacy line. And it's pretty true. I like to talk to people.

But I've met a few ladies recently (and not so recently) that seem to flirty with everyone. And when I give them the look (because they are married, their husband is deployed, the person they are flirting with is married, etc,) they tell me it's just because they are friendly. Well, I whole-heartedly disagree.

My mother has told me since the day I was old enough to understand - Be a person first, be Sara first. Then be everything else, woman, wife, mother (someday). But you have to be a strong individual first to get anywhere in this world. My mother is an architect. There are only 11% women in the field. I've met a couple others. But most people don't know any female architects. My mother walks onto job sites and has to be even better, even more professional, than the male architects to play the male-driven game in the South. I also have an aunt who is a PhD astrophysicist. Same thing. These are the female role models I've had growing up. Smart, strong, independent women.

So the flirty women, the ones that bat their eyelashes at every guy they see, really annoy me. You can have a conversation with a male without flirting with him. You really can. You can be friendly without acting like a middle school child with a crush on every person with male genitalia.

On a related note, I also know some females that believe you have to be a bitch to get your way. Also completely wrong and fairly inappropriate. The very first time I heard someone say this I was in high school and on a job site with my mother. Some female interior decorator said it. My mother turned to me the moment that woman left and told me no one respected her and she was horrible to work with because she was always in some defensive bitch mode. Talk about a good example for a impressionable teen. I currently hear this from female Soldiers. (Yes, I understand I am not and will never be a female Soldier, but I've heard my husband talk about them enough to know a good female Soldier, whom everyone likes and respects, from a bad one, whom no one likes and they all want out of their unit.) The job has to be similar to any other male driven field. You don't get far "acting" like a girl.

So I guess the take home message here is that most women annoy me you can act friendly and professional without being a ho or a bitch. I wish more women understood this.


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