Saturday, June 18, 2011

And it's pink!! ;)

I've been wanting a netbook for a while now. But last Thursday tipped the scales and I realized I needed a laptop during class. I have a laptop but it's huge and a pain in the ass to haul to class, which I did have to do for a whole 9 weeks for a class that required a computer.

I spend two days researching computers, talking to friends online, my father, and the IT guy at work. I get home Friday and Joe tells me that he'd prefer if I just bought a Sony Vaio. And quite frankly, that was my first choice, but they arent the cheapest netbooks. But they also come with 4GB of memory and the best... um... speed (can you tell I know very little about computers?) But thankfully I know many many people with an opinion and knowledge of most electronics.

Okay, and I know what you're going to say, the same thing Joe did...... it's pink. Yes yes yes. It's pink. But it comes in 2 colors, pink and silver. And I could have the pink one for no extra cost. And I think it's so cute!!

There's a girl in my current class with this netbook. It's a big plus that I've been able to see it in person. It's the perfect size too. Not 10 inches, like most netbooks. And not 14 inches, which is just too big (my current laptop is 15 inches wide anyway). This girl said her husband, a computer guy, picked it out for her, said it was what she needed for class. Like I told my IT guy at work, I'm surfing the net and writing notes in class. I might work on a PowerPoint on it. That's it, I'm not doing espionage. My main thing was battery life. But as Joe said, batteries have powercords, it's memory and speed you need to think about. Just plug the darn thing in. I guess he's right.

I cannot WAIT to get this thing!! It probably wont make it here by the time my next Thursday class rolls around, but that's okay. I'm leading the presentation next Thursday so there wont be much time for notes anyway. And on that note, I need to get working on my presentation. :)


Megan Dub-Yuh said...

HA! With as many people who have been making baby announcements I read your headline when it popped up in my browser and my mind went straight to babies. Very relieved to see that it is a super cute (and girly) computer! I love new tech things. I am such a geek. :D

Sara said...

HA! I didn't even think about that. No babies any time soon.

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