Tuesday, March 29, 2011

100 Facts about ME (part II)

I hope you all are enjoying the facts. I know I'm enjoying reading about everyone else. It's kinda cool to know the fun little things about people I know online but have never gotten the opportunity to meet in person.
Part 2: Megan @ MeganWrites.com has everyone's blogs linked.
The next 2 posts will be posted as follows:
Part 3 - Thursday, March 31
Part 4 - Tuesday, April 5

26. I have a BA in Psychology and I'm working on my Masters in Psychology, but I NEVER want to do therapy. I'm a research kind of gal!

27. Joe and I are only 6 months apart in age. He is in fact the youngest person I ever dated.

28. I get motion sick in planes and boats. Found this out on a 12 hour flight to France. Not pretty.

29. My very first car was a 1992 Honda Accord. Now we own 2 Hondas, a Pilot and an Accord.

30. I refuse to watch sports on tv, but I will go to actual games.

31. I LOVE baseball, but HATE football.

32. I played the clarinet for 4 years.

33. I own a violin but don't have the first clue how to play it.

34. I was a biochemistry major for 3 years as an undergraduate student.

35. I'm obsessed with loose leaf tea, especially jasmine white tea.

36. I've had two surgeries, one oral surgery when I was about 16 and my gallbladder removed when I was 26.

37. Favorite movies: Sabrina (the one with Harrison Ford), Twister, The Blind Side, 7 Brides for 7 Brothers, Young Frankenstein.

38. I collect Disney movies.

39. I hate to cook but I love to bake. I'm a horrible cook, but I can bake just about anything.

40. I hate to drive. I would have a driver if I could afford it. Seriously.

41. I've read ALL of the Babysitter's Club books.

42. I LOVE getting mail!

43. If all goes as planned, I will graduate with my Masters April 2012.

44. I inherited my green thumb from my dad. He can grow anything. I'm almost as good as he is.

45. I was captain of the flag line in band for 2 years.

46. I used to be painfully shy. I got over it.

47. I'm allergic to all cats and most dogs. I'm also allergic to down and wool.

48. I have a soft spot in my heart for penguins.

49. I eat kiwi fruit whole, fuzzy brown skin and all. And it freaks my husband out.

50. Stated I have been to:
Get your map here: http://www.epgsoft.com/VisitedStatesMap/VisitedStatesMap.html


Anna said...

Cool facts! I hate to drive also.

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