Saturday, March 26, 2011

100 Facts about ME (part I)

I started this on Twitter, but many are posting them on their blogs so I will continue it here. Megan @ has everyone's blogs linked.

The next 3 posts will be posted as follows:
Part 2 - Tuesday, March 29
Part 3 - Thursday, March 31
Part 4 - Tuesday, April 5

1. I have a fake tooth.

2. I'm a horrible speller but hate typos.

3. I have a time problem. I can never be late. In fact, I'm usually early to a fault

4. I love my dog more than I like most people.

5. I have rather large feet for a girl, size 11 shoes.

6. My mom is 5'4". My dad is 6'7". I'm 5'10". I'm taller than some men in my family.

7. I am shamelessly addicted to all things Glee. And I'm sad that I miss it every Tuesday.

8. I don't eat steak.

9. I have a one year old cousin I've never met, but hopefully will in May.

10. I am the oldest cousin of 10 on one side of the family and the oldest & the only girl cousin on the other side.

11. I HATE socks. I hate shoes. I wouldn't wear either ever again if I didn't have to.

12. I was born in Tempe, Arizona.

13. I have lived in Arizona, Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, and Colorado.

14. I'm been to Canada, England, France, Scotland, Ireland, and Germany.

15. Joe and I went to the same school in a town with 3,000 people for 9 years but didn't meet until we were seniors in high school.

16. My father is an inch too tall to be in the Air Force, I could have been a military brat!

17. I have lived in an apartment for the last 10 years, through college and while Joe has been in the military. I'm ready for my own house!!

18. I love white tulips.

19. My mother and I planned my wedding in 4 months, since the Army had different plans for Joe and I.

20. I drink an inordinate amount of water. I always have a water bottle by my side. I'd pick plain water to drink over just about any other beverage.

21. I'm an obsessive list maker. Joe makes fun of me for it.

22. I was a Girl Scout for 11 years and earned my Silver Award.

23. I graduated high school a year early.

24. I wanted to be an astronomer when I was little.

25. I love doing laundry. I especially love folding towels.


Megan said...

I have a fake tooth, too! And I love laundry, too. My husband absolutely hates it!

Anna said...

I'm your newest follower from this challenge. :) I also love tulips and am an obsessive list maker, my hubby teases me about it also. ;) Look forward to checking out future posts!

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