Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dog food snob

I am so happy to see Wellness finally advertised on tv! Finally a decent dog food reaching the masses!!

As many of you know, I got Rigel during the massive dog and cat food recall at the end of 2007. I went from a fairly sheltered pet owner to a pretty well informed dog food snob. Rigel came to me eating Pedigree. I promptly switched him to Nutro Ultra. It was the best thing I could find in my area. And it wasnt on the recall. Only months later, the store stopped carrying that particular brand. So I went back to my research. I found that I could now get something called Wellness in my area. And it's a GREAT food!! There are many good foods, just like Wellness, that dont cost an arm and a leg, especially if you have a small dog that doesn't eat much.

My problem with most of the dog and cat food commercials on tv is that they are fairly deceiving. As humans, we need a balanced diet, meat, dairy, grains, etc. But as dogs, they need a completely different food profile. And most people just dont think about it. I used to be one of those people that thought that of course dogs needed grains, wheat is good for us, why not for dogs?? Well, that is completely wrong! Dogs successfully thrive in a grain free diet. In fact, most dog foods are full of grains just as a low cost filler. And do absolutely nothing for the health of your pet.

For the life and health of your pet, I seriously suggest you look into your dog food. Just a little research could do wonders for your dog.


Sespi said...

I looked into switching to Wellness for my dogs a while ago too! But the only Wellness that is completely grain free (Wellness Core) isn't sold around here :( And since Shecky needs completely grain free for her allergies, we decided just to stick with Blue Buffalo Wilderness.

Sara said...

I just discovered Wellness Core around here. Seriously debating switching Rigel when he's done with this bag.

My mother just swtiched her two large dogs to Blue Buffalo. They love it. I've seen their commercials too. It's just awesome that people are starting to realize what they are feeding their dogs. :)

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