Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fuck Hawaii

This is just a small excerpt of the post entitled Sanctity of Marriage, I urge you to go read the whole thing. I'm reposting it in response to the shameful veto that happened in Hawaii today. SHAMEFUL!! We can once again be embarrassed and ashamed of America, once again denying equality to all of it's citizens.

Remember reading in your history books a time where a whole bunch of stuffy white men had to decide whether or not black men were humans and could have EQUAL rights? Whether or not they could vote and own property? Same with females. Do you remember reading about these brave women fighting for YOUR right to vote and have EQUAL rights to men?

Now you have to tell me how homosexuals fighting for EQUAL rights is any different than that. And you can keep your religious nonsense to yourself. I don't care to hear it. None of it is a good excuse to deny rights to any human being. Your religious shit is just an excuse for you to be a bigot and then hide behind some stupid book.

Now I would like to post a quote from the Governor Bigot of Hawaii:

"It would be a mistake to allow a decision of this magnitude be made by one individual or a small group of elected officials," Lingle said.

Seems fairly hypocritical to me since ONE woman vetoed the bill.

And since when do we allow the majority to vote about the minority? Isn't that what our government was set up for, to protect the minority, to allow everyone to have a voice? Again, like the post says, what do you think the majority voted about when it came to segregation and suffrage? There wouldn't have been the struggle if there hadn't been so many people standing in the way. I cant imagine living in a world where I couldn't vote or own property or marry whomever I loved. Voting for equality is an archaic practice. I cant believe this is even an issue in 2010. Grow the fuck up, America!! Heard today: *There's a reason why God created Adam and Eve - not Adam and Steve.* Very mature, don't you think?? Don't you think we should be allowing these amazingly bright rhyming bigots to vote about the happiness of others?? Would you want them voting on something that meant the world to you??


Bethany said...

I physically get enraged when someone uses the whole "Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve" argument. So childish, so ridiculous. It is absolutely unforgivable that ANY American citizen, regardless of orientation, be denied their rights. Unforgivable and absolutely disheartening. Plus, people who say Jesus condemned it are stupid: Jesus never, EVER addressed homosexuality specifically. So there goes that argument.

Okay, I have to stop....feeling the rage....

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