Sunday, September 27, 2009

Did you hear the bird??

Rigel, did you hear that? Is there a bird?

Maybe it's a terrier thing, but Rigel hates birds. Well, I guess he hates anything "up there;" planes, helicopters, butterflies, falling leaves, etc. But birds are our favorite thing. We go for walks and these huge crows start to circle us. Rigel starts barking like mad. The birds just circle lower. I'm sure one of them will eventually swoop down and try to pick him up. He's only 6lbs, I'm sure he looks like a tasty snack to these huge birds! So I pull him in close on his flexy leash and watch the birds close. I have only had to throw a rock at two birds. I hit one. So anyone that knows me at all knows that this bird had to be REALLY CLOSE because I throw like a girl! I was yelling and throwing rocks, but this bird just didnt care. I had to protect my little man! He is always getting himself in situations that I have to save him from. Must also be a terrier trait. He just doesnt realize that he's only 6lbs! Honestly, I think he thinks he's a GSD!


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