Sunday, September 27, 2009

Baby Hog!

My neighbors two doors down just had a baby. I don't really know them very well. But a few days after they had the baby boy, I saw the father walking around outside. I went out to say hi. He was telling me about the labor and how he has 10 days off of work since he's a soldier. The mom came out and started telling me more. At one point she tried to reach over and take the baby. Dad made a face and didn't give the baby up. In the best straight face ever, mom whined, "You are such a baby hog!" I couldn't stop from laughing. She said that he needed to be fed and probably changed. And the dad said okay and walked back inside with the baby boy. Being married to a man that says he doesn't want kids, this is a very foreign sight to me! It's very refreshing to see a man that not only wants kids, but then whole heartedly wants to be a baby hog!

I always ask new parents if the pain of pregnancy and labor was worth the reward. They ALWAYS say yes! This mom started telling me how the epidural only worked on the right side of her body and she could feel everything on the left. OUCH!! But she said that after it was all said and done, it was totally worth it. I guess it cant be that bad or there would be many more only children.


AndreaLeigh said...

i'll be sure to let you know that once I pop out this baby boy! :)

Sara said...

When are you due?

Tonja +Jere + Kids said...

i had three kids they were worth it, the pain was not that long and soon forgotten i think that is why i went on to have the other two although i did space them off from the first one.;)

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