Monday, October 15, 2012

Must App Monday - Voxer

Strangely enough, I was forced to get on Voxer by my family when I was still out in Colorado. I have to share this very cool app with you all. It's basically like a walkie-talkie on your phone. You can send text messages through it too. But you can send voice messages through it!! I can send a group message to my mom and my little brother then they can listen to the message when they have time, and send me a voice message back. It's very cool for busy people (or people who hate to talk on the phone, like my husband). And is fun when texts become impersonal. Wouldn't it be cool to send a "Happy Birthday" voice message to someone instead of a text? And what about sending a quick message when you don't have your hands free to type a lengthy text? Simply tap a button " I'm headed out the door to meet you now. Can you please order me a hot tea when you get to the restaurant, I'll be right there!" I wish more people had the Voxer app, I would use it ALL the time!!
Come find me if you want to try it out! You can search for people with their first and last name.


Katie said...

I loove voxer. One of my friends is stationed in Japan and it's so nice to be able to hear his voice. Phone calls don't really work, so it's great to have!

Sara said...

Hi Katie! Thank you for talking about your experience! It's so good to know that it works overseas. I didnt know about it when Joe was deployed. But I certain wish I had!!

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