Saturday, January 4, 2014

Survived the Holidays

Instead of the whole sorted tale,
I will just leave you with some pictures.

The first snow in our new house. This is probably be my Christmas card next year.
I put up a tree, despite the bah-humbug spirit I was in. Snow Days will get even the grouchiest people in the Holiday spirit.
While Rigel hates the snow, god forbid he get his tiny feet wet; Arlo LOVES the snow! He was running and prancing in it as it came down and just loved the whole day. Thankfully, we have an inside heated area that he can stay when it gets super cold at night. He is very demanding when he wants to come indoors. He lets me know he's ready to come in and get ready for bed. I made him a bed of an old comforter and some of Joe's old uniforms. LOL, I have to put them to use somewhere.


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