Monday, May 10, 2010

Your dog is not a teacup or a tiny toy.

I'm not sure if the person this is aimed at even reads my blogs. But it needs to be said. And she is not listening to me. I will not name names, or dog breeds. This will be an open letter to anyone that thinks they own a "teacup" or "tiny toy" dog.

Your dog is not a "teacup" anything. No dog breed comes in a teacup size. There is a toy group. Your dog is in the toy group, as is my yorkie. But they are not toy dogs. They are standard dogs. There is one breed standard for their breed.

Yorkies come in one size.

Chihuahuas come in one size.

Pomeranians come in one size.

Malteses come in one size.

(Yes, poodles are different, they come in three sizes, however none of them are teacup or tiny toy.)

Saying your dog is a toy is still incorrect. Your dog comes in one size. Stop promoting bad breeding practices by pretending your standard dog is anything other than that. I'm so sorry you didn't do your research and bought your dog for far too much money from a god damn puppy mill. Am I surprised that your dog has already had health problems? Of course not! And to top it all off, you want to feed your dog some crap food. Do you care about your dog at all? You tell me you are an animal lover, and yet you perpetuate the stupidity of poor breeding practices and all that that means for the unfortunate females and unhealthy puppies. So you can agree with me all day long, but actions speak louder than words. And know that I am so very disappointed in you. You have listened to me SCREAM about puppy mills and backyard breeders and nasty dog food since the huge recall of 2007. Have you learned nothing? So you call me whining about the vet bills and fees you've had to pay. I don't care!!!! It serves you right. I don't feel bad for you. I feel bad for your dog. I feel horrible for your dog. And yes, I roll my eyes when you talk about your tiny teacup runty mutt. I'm sorry you cant see it over the phone. Your dog is not a purebred, it cant be when you DON'T HAVE PAPERS and you buy it from a very unsavory source. And yes, I pointed this out as much as I could just to piss you off.

I'm done talking to you about this. You know it pisses me off. If you truly love dogs, do your fucking research and stop whining about the mess you created for yourself. You now have a small life in your hands. Pay the damn vet bills and feed your dog a high quality food, or surrender your animal.


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And please follow the rules when you name your dog:
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