Saturday, January 2, 2010

Goals for 2010

I personally never make resolutions for New Years. I never stick to them. But this year will be new and different so I'm going to set some long term goals to better my life and marriage.

Goal #1: Get healthy. Its not a weight loss plan. Its not a diet. Its a live-it! We plan on trying to get pregnant in about a year so I need to be fit and healthy for the baby and myself through a pregnancy.

Goal #2: Use Rigel to the best of his ability. He's an amazing dog and has done wonders for my lazy reclusive personality. He makes me get out, even if its just out the door. We've already met two neighbors and their dogs. Rigel was in training in Arkansas and his trainer thought he would be an amazing therapy dog (in spite the fact that she wasn't even a fan of yorkies- but she loved Rigel all the same!). I will get him back in training and will follow through with CGC certification and therapy dog certification (if I can afford the $$$ it takes). He will be amazing to work with when I become a psychologist.

Goal #3: Become independent again. It sounds weird, but I've become increasingly more dependent on my husband and his way of life. I guess its a good thing to a point. But if he's deploying soon, I need to get back to my independent roots. When I was in college, even at 17 years old, I wasn't afraid to do anything by myself. I think my Psychology background will help me out in this area. We were forced to be alone in situations: go to dinner alone, go see a movie alone, go walk in the park alone (or with Rigel), etc. I lived alone in an apartment all by myself for 3 years and wasn't afraid of the dark or creaks. I wasn't afraid to be places alone or meet new people. I need to find that brave girl again. Don't get me wrong, I love being part of a marriage and a partnership, but in this very unique situation my husband has put me in, I need to retain my brave independence. Joe has told me he married me because he knew I could handle this Army wife life. I know I can do it. I just need to find that fearless attitude I had in college. Its in me. I know it is.

Goal #4: Read more. I know it sounds simple. But I used to read all the time. I've let my brain atrophy. I've begun reading again and it's actually hard. It the world of TV and internet, I've become impatient. So I'm going to slow my world down and curl up with a good book and read. You'd be surprised how much it will do for you. I need to read for my brain, but also for my GRE. This will help me read for information but also read for vocabulary.

So here's to 2010!


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