Sunday, October 25, 2009

Here Kitty Kitty Kitty!!

I drove to my friend's house Friday morning and got out of my car to go knock on her door. There was a faint meow in the distance. I asked her if she had a cat around her house. She said that there were a few strays here and there. So we walked back to the car. And the meows got louder... uh oh! Yep, cat was in the engine of my car. So I opened the hood and Operation Kitty Kitty began!

Do you know how hard it is to get a cat out of a car? NOT EASY! So two huge slices of turkey and 45 minutes later, the cat emerged from the front on my Honda Pilot.

The moment I heard the meowing, I knew exactly what cat it was. There was this gorgeous tiny black cat hanging out in the back yard for the last week. It meowed so loud and always annoyed Rigel. But it pulled at my heart strings. I love cats, but I am so allergic to them, I couldnt even pet this little guy. He tried to get into our house so many times and it just broke my heart. He was obviously an inside cat once.

So he's had a PCS that might prove helpful. My friend lives in a real neighborhood, not in a sea of miltiary townhomes. Maybe someone will fall in love with this kitty as much as I did and adopt him.


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